About Us


Introducing the company

EVA online is an electronic platform that sells and offers products to customers and allows orders to be made for these online products, recently, expands the growth of e-commerce in sales using mobile devices. Generally known as "e-commerce", it is simply a subset of e-commerce.

Project Idea

The idea of ​​the project came so we created an application and a website that links the merchant and the customer that allows merchants to display their services and products and allows customers to make purchase orders for these products and ship them by relying on reducing the cost to companies while increasing the percentage of profits while also reducing exchange costs through The process of electronic operation of data and reduction of administrative costs while reducing shipping costs, time and effort while reducing spending money with receiving goods and product as quickly as possible, which leads to providing a great opportunity to increase profits

Our vision

To become one of the leading companies in the field of e-commerce and to contribute to raising the level of online services in Qatar.

Our Mission

Helping our clients (merchants) to develop their business on the Internet by presenting distinct marketing ideas, designs, and plans.

Our principle

We cherish our principle, which is based on honesty and sincerity to serve customers, and we draw from the rules in place in the past for creative work that is based on creating the best solutions and services.

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