Adults Book, English, HBKUP
Quality Control Procedures for Diagnostic X-ray Equipment
Adults English
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This book briefly encompasses all of the routine Quality Control (QC) tests required for Computed Tomography (CT), Fluoroscopy, Radiography, Mammography, Dental Intraoral, Panoramic, Cephalometric, and CBCT systems. It is intended to guide medical physicists through each QC test starting from its purpose and the list of tools required, to the setup of the X-ray equipment, the measuring process, and the interpretation of the results. For each tested parameter, reference and limiting values are cited to allow for the identification of mis-adjustments or malfunctions requiring corrective actions. The QC tests also include the comparison of median values of patient dose indices from data derived from the dose monitoring system with the Diagnostic Reference Level values (DRLs) to test whether the clinical use of each system is optimized.

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